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Sorting Principle
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Rice, Wheat, Millet  Sorting Machine
Rice (Large Machinery)
Rice, Beans, Wheat
Chute Type
Belt Type
Foodstuff  Sorting Machine
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Maintenance System - NET SORT
Rice, Wheat, Millet Sorting Machine/Rice, Beans, Wheat: Belt Type
Product Lineup
Alsomac Belt Type Color Sorter
BLD Series
Model: BLD-1200D/600D/300D
Each machine comes with 10 mm and 5 mm pitch size specifications.
BLD Series Sorting Samples
Features of the Products
Possible to have the optimum specifications for the sorting object.
  • Equipped with a CCD camera.
  • Stainless-steel body
  • Employs an easy-to-operate touch panel
  • Up tp 22 modes can be registered in memory
Alsomac Belt Type Color Sorter
BM Series
Model: BM-100D
BM Series Sorting Samples
Features of the Products
  • BM-100D is designed for various materials such as soybean, black bean, white rice, unpolished rice and millets.
  • New feature "Air Curtain" cleans the sorting chamber automatically, which prevents sorting accuracy from dropping down.
  • Easy operation with dial control
  • Energy saving design with minimal air consumption. Small size compressor is enough for BM-100D.
  • BM-100D is effectively designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, which makes your daily operation easier.
Alsomac Belt Type Special RGB Full Color Sorter
BLC Series
Model: BLC-600D5/300D5
BLC Series Sorting Samples
Features of the Products

Includes foreign material removal enhanced mode as a standard feature, which enables drastically improved accuracy for color sorting.
Each one of 3 CCD cameras employed, which are proprietary of our company, has 2048 elements each for Red (R), Green (G) and Blue (B). Capable of sorting subtly immature red beans.

  • Easy operation by touch panel
  • Up tp 16 modes can be registered in memory
BLT Series
Model: BLT-600D5/300D5
BLT Series Sorting Samples
Features of the Products
  • CCD camera
  • Camera for NIR area It is possible to remove the foreign materials of the same color of products.
  • Easy maintenance, It is easy to exchange the lamps and belt.
Wheat Upgrade Sorter
Au Series
Model: Au-2000/1000/300/100
Au Series Sorting Samples
Features of the Products
They are sorters specializing in sorting and removing low amylose wheat one by one and have been developed by Japan's first color sorter manufacturer, Anzai Manufacturing Co., Ltd., using its long-term business results and know-how and employing many latest technologies.